BREAKING! Fugitive Joseph Jakubowski captured amid Wisconsin Easter Egg Hunt cancelation

Governor Scott Walker canceled Saturday’s annual Easter Egg Hunt in Wisconsin after a robbery suspect on the run reportedly sent an “anti-government manifesto” to the White House, as well as threatening letters to several Wisconsin churches. On Friday, just a day after the event was canceled, authorities captured the fugitive.

Time reports that since April 4, local and federal authorities have been looking for robbery suspect, Joseph Jakubowski, who’s accused of robbing a gun store in Janesville of 18 weapons. Authorities think he’s responsible for sending 35 handwritten pages to the White House that read in part, “We need to spill their blood!” Jakubowski also allegedly threatened President Trump and other government in the letters.

“We the people should be out for these sick minded people belonging to the system! We need to spill their blood!”

On Friday, authorities captured Jakubowski in southwestern Wisconsin, where he was camping out on a farm.  Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden said that the suspect gave up peacefully and was arrested without incident. The sheriff also said that authorities found several firearms close to the area where Jakubowski was found.

WTMJ-TV reports that officials have determined that the handwriting in the letters belong to Jakubowski. Rock County Sheriff’s Office Commander Troy Knudson indicated that the writing appeared to be genuine.

On Thursday, Walker’s wife, Tonette Walker, sent out an email, apologizing for canceling the annual Easter Egg Hunt, which is generally held at the governor’s Maple Bluff, Wisconsin, home. It’s unclear whether the event will now take place, given the news of the fugitive’s capture.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause due to the short notice. We are sad to miss what is one of our favorite events at the executive residence.”

Jakubowski’s charges are scheduled to be read during a Friday afternoon press conference.

[Feature Photo: Police Handout]