Texas Murder Mystery: Who killed College Coed Molly Matheson?

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Fort Worth, Texas, police found no signs of a forced entry at the pool house where Molly Matheson’s mom found the college student strangled to death on April 10, 2017. No suspects have been identified in the killing, which happened in a quiet neighborhood blocks from the Texas Christian University campus.

Matheson was likely killed on Sunday night, but only found dead in her bathroom after her family could not reach her Monday afternoon, police said. She lived alone in the rented pool house adjacent to a large home. The killer would have had to enter through the main house or by climbing over a six-foot-high fence that surrounded the pool area.

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A check of the online crime map revealed that the only crimes investigated recently near the residence was a car breaking last October on the same block and a house burglary one street over in January. Otherwise, the neighborhood stands out on a crime map as being particularly quiet.

Matheson attended the University of Arkansas for two years before leaving the school in 2015 and returning to Fort Worth, where her family resides. She enrolled in Tarrant County College in June 2016 and was expected to graduate this year, according to the school.

Her funeral is planned for Tuesday, April 18, according to a tweet from her over brother.

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