UPDATE: Facebook Killer Steve Stephens could still be in Ohio: Police

There are unconfirmed reports he may be in a different car than the one he was driving on Sunday

UPDATE: Cleveland Police said in a press conference Wednesday afternoon that they have no indication the suspect has left Ohio.


A fugitive and suspected murderer on the run from police may have been spotted in Philadelphia.

Steve Stephens, the Cleveland man suspected of killing an elderly man at random and then broadcasting it on Facebook Live on Easter Sunday, has been on the run from police in a multi-state manhunt for nearly a day with no confirmed sightings.

But according to Philadelphia Magazine, about 12:30 p.m. on Monday, Philadelphia police put out a radio call saying that a person matching the suspect’s description had been spotted in the Belmont Plateau, a grassy area of the city’s Fairmont Park, known for its skyline views.

Within an hour of the multiple sighting reports, nine city schools were placed on lockdown.

Some Twitter accounts are reporting that the suspect is now driving a Black Ford Taurus, but police have not confirmed this.

Philadelphia police reportedly could not provide any further information. On Twitter, the Cleveland Police Department announced a news conference to begin at 3 p.m. Monday.