Facebook Killer Steve Stephens disturbing 911 call released

**WARNING** Audio may be disturbing; Listener discretion advised

During a frantic call to 911 on Sunday after accused Facebook killer Steve Stephens shot and killed a random, innocent person in Cleveland, a dispatcher instructed people at the scene on how to provide medical care to the victim until help arrived.

CBS News reports that a man, who found 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. lying on the sidewalk after taking a bullet in his head, described to a 911 dispatcher that an older man was lying on the sidewalk with what looked like a gunshot wound to his ear or head.

The caller made it clear that he thought the victim was dead, but the dispatcher, following proper protocol, asked him to walk over to the man and put a cloth over his wound and apply it to where Godwin was bleeding from. The caller, who said he was holding his young son, handed his phone to another passerby. The 911 dispatcher continued to state that someone needed to apply a cloth to the victim’s wounds and turn him on his back.

Meanwhile, Stephens, the accused shooter, had already fled the scene in a white Ford Fusion by the time the call was made. Earlier that day, Stephens recorded himself shooting Godwin in the head. He posted the video on Facebook. He apparently chose the victim at random after he saw him walking alone down the street alone. Stephens indicated that his former girlfriend, Joy Lane, was the cause of Godwin’s death. He blamed her for making him “snap.”

Stevie Stephens Girlfriend
[Photo: Facebook]
Stephens is described as a black male who stands 6-foot-1 and weighs around 244 pounds. He has a bald head and a full beard and mustache, which may have been shaved off by now. Anyone who spots Stephens should not approach him. He is considered extremely dangerous. Instead, call 911 immediately.

Listen below to the entire 911 call, via CBS News.

[Feature Photo: Facebook]