Facebook Killer suspect Steve Stephens NOT in Washington DC: Police

Washington D.C. police have said that sighting reports of the suspected Facebook Killer Steve Stephens are not credible, as law enforcement expands its manhunt nationwide.

According to NBC 4 Washington, police had received tips that the suspect accused of killing an elderly man in cold blood on Sunday and posting a video of the murder on Facebook was spotted at a D.C.-area hotel. Law enforcement now says those tips are unfounded.

The suspected killer’s last known location was on Cleveland’s east side on Sunday, when he allegedly shot 74-year-oldĀ Robert Godwin Sr., a retired foundry worker who was walking from an Easter holiday celebration with his family. Stephens posted a video of himself stopping his car after saying that he was going to murder someone. After a brief conversation with the man seen on the video from the suspected shooter’s point of view, Stephens shoots the retiree in the face, killing him.

In a news conference Tuesday morning, Cleveland Police said that authorities have expanded the search for the suspect across the nation, and said they are following up on all of the hundreds of tips they receive each day. So far, there have been no confirmed sightings, and Cleveland police said at the news conference that Stephens’ car does not have trackable GPS.