Pace student sues ex-girlfriend for bogus rape claims that landed him in jail

A Pace University student sued the school and an ex-girlfriend after he claims he was wrongly arrested in front of his classmates in the dining hall.

Ari Grossman, 19, claims college administrators did nothing to stop his ex-girlfriend from making false rape  and stalking claims against him, which ultimately led to his arrest on false pretenses.

Grossman a freshman from Malibu, California, was arrested by campus police after his ex-girlfriend, Kalya Torrey, called to say that Grossman had followed her into the cafeteria around 11 a.m. on November 7, 2016 in violation of a “no contact order” she had against him.

Grossman was arrested for criminal contempt in the second degree. Charges were dropped on February 9 after videotape footage showed Torrey’s accusation was false.

The drama between the two acting students began in high school when they briefly dated when they were both 15. After graduating from high school, the two acting students were accepted into the acting program at Pace University.

According to the New York Daily News, Grossman alleged that Torrey’s parents called him “threatening” to press rape charges if he enrolled at Pace. Grossman ignored their threats and matriculated at his “dream school.” In the meantime, his ex went forward with her threats and attempted to file charges against Grossman. However, the Southern California District Attorney declined to file in the case.

Torrey then applied for a temporary restraining order which the two parties settled with a mutual agreement to “have no contact with each other” nor talk about the case.

Nonetheless, when Torrey arrived at Pace in the fall of 2016, she got the university to issue a “no contact order” against Grossman and told fellow students in the acting program that Grossman was a “rapist.”

Grossman’s lawsuit also alleges Torrey made several fake reports that he had violated the no contact order – as many as seven – between September 4 and September 11, according to the New York Post.

All of this led to the November 7 arrest of Grossman in the cafeteria when he alleged he spent 12 hours in a cell with his legs and hands in shackles.

“It’s just been a horrible college experience for him,” Grossman’s lawyer, Julie Goldberg told The Post.

Pace University officials declined to comment on the specifics of the case, with university spokesman, Scott Trent, saying the school has not yet been served with the complaint.

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