Who was Steve Stephens? Facebook killer tortured animals, was awkward with women, according to neighbors

** Police confirm Steve Stephens fatally shot himself in Pennsylvania**

UPDATE: Police say accused Facebook killer, Steve Stephens, shot himself in Pennsylvania. The wounds were fatal. Pennsylvania State Police reported that the suspect shot himself while authorities tried to apprehend him in Erie.

Steve Stephens claimed he “snapped” when he shot an innocent elderly man in Cleveland on Sunday, but neighbors said he showed violent tendencies well before he reportedly killed an elderly man in Cleveland. They also claimed he had difficulties connecting with females.

Next door neighbor, Alexis Lee, 34, told Daily Mail that Stephens “really didn’t know how to talk to us ladies,” who once dangled a pet python around his neck in order to get her attention.

“The snake was meant to draw my attention and he regularly told me he had a crush on me. But he wasn’t my type at all. There was nothing attractive about him. He did have a nice personality though.”

Charisse Leonard, 28, however, thinks that Stephens may have been flirting with women as a cover for his own sexuality.

“I thought he was confused about his sexuality and could even have been gay. I had never known him to have had a girlfriend. But he had a nice nature as did his mother and family. I never saw his dad.”

Tony Henderson, who said she lived as Stephens’ neighbor while growing up, accused the suspected killer of torturing his own animals, including a pet parakeet that he reportedly slapped to death.

“He had a parakeet and he had that bird crawl from the cage and on to his finger. Then he slapped the bird as hard as he could with his other hand, and the bird was lying on the floor. The bird looked dead to me. I looked at him and his was smiling and laughing as he looked at me and that bird. Heard he used to torture other pets he had.”

Theresa Blevins-Odom, 54, saw Stephens just a few days before the shooting. She said he didn’t appear to be in a bad mood and wasn’t acting unusual. And despite what he’s accused of, she still thinks Stephens, 37,  is a “good kid.”

“Everybody goes through some problems in their lives and maybe Steve couldn’t handle it. I still think he’s a good kid.”

Pennsylvania State Police confirmed that Stevens shot himself while they tried to pursue him. The pursuit lasted only a few brief minutes before Stephens turned his gun on himself.

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