BAD! Principal forces first grader to sit half naked in office

A Salt Lake City, Utah, principal was placed on administrative leave after a first-grade student said she made him sit with his pants down in her office.

KTSU reports that Laurie Lacy, principal of Edison Elementary School, is under investigation after she allegedly demanded that a little boy pull his pants down at school on April 7, as a form of punishment. The incident reportedly happened inside Lacy’s office, where the student claimed he had to sit with his pants halfway down.

According to a confidential source, the boy, said to be a refugee, told Lacy that he had no underwear on. Lacy apparently didn’t care, and allegedly forced him to sit in a corner chair in her office. The source indicated that two teachers were inside the office when the incident occurred. It’s unclear how the long the student had to sit in the chair.

Detective Greg Wilking with Salt Lake City Police said that he could not provide additional details since the case is under active investigation. However, he did state that the school district and the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) contacted authorities on April 12. The Special Victims Unit is currently investigating the case since it involves a young child and was “somewhat sexual in nature.”

Salt Lake School District’s spokesperson, Jason Olsen, issued a statement shortly after the ordeal happened.

“The district was made aware of the allegations involving the principal at Edison Elementary several days ago and immediately started a comprehensive investigation, including placing the principal on leave. We are also fully cooperating with police in their investigation.”

The story is still developing. Check back with Crime Online as additional details become available.

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