Grandmother and grandson missing for five days in Grand Canyon!

Merrell Boot Co. is helping to fund the search for a missing woman and her grandson

Michigan footwear company Merell Boot Co. is helping locate the company founder’s wife and his grandson by funding additional rescuers to assist on a search. Both went missing on Saturday while hiking at the Grand Canyon.

MLive reports that Merrel Boot Co. founder Randy Merrell’s wife LouAnn, 62, and her step-grandson Jackson Standefer, 14, are missing after going on a hiking excursion at the Grand Canyon. Lou Ann and Jackson were swept away by water after they both fell during the hiking trip on Tapeats Trail, near the North Rim.

Family members who were with them when the accident occurred alerted authorities, who set off an emergency GPS locator. A drone was also employed by the National Park Service, and numerous volunteers and rescuers have been endlessly searching without any luck. Ground searcher even spent the night for several nights at the bottom of the canyon.

Mark McOmie, Jackson’s uncle, said that LouAnn is an experienced hiker who’s extremely familiar with the area.

“If they can get to a spot where they cannot be in the water and stay warm, she’s got the skills needed to get them through it. ‘The odds aren’t great. But given their skills and knowledge of the area, that will probably lead to the best possible outcome.”

In the meantime, Wolverine Worldwide, the company behind the Merrell brand, said that they have a team ready to go when the National Parks Services ask for assistance.

“We’ve offered our assistance to the National Parks System to aid in the search and rescue. If they need our assistance, they are aware we have a team ready to go.”

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