Mom blames Satan after she kills son; found not guilty

An Illinois woman who blamed Satan after she killed her 8-year-old son was found not guilty by “reason of insanity” on Tuesday, but she won’t walk free. A judge ordered her to treatment under the Illinois Department of Human Services for 100 years.

WIFR reports that Jody Kossow stabbed her son 55 times in September 2013, thinking that he was “the devil” chasing after her. The little boy, Thomas, had asked his mother if he could go outside and look at the stars, but shortly after, Kossow grabbed a paring knife and stabbed the little boy in the chest area, then slit his throat seven times. Two of the stab wounds penetrated the 8-year-old’s spine.

Kossow called 911 as Thomas lay on the driveway of their home off of Woodrow Street, bleeding to death. She told a dispatcher that Satan was after her.

“I just killed my son. Satan was coming after me. Oh, God. Satan was after me.”

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Kossow later explained to a psychiatrist that her son was “conceived under a spell” and consequently, an evil, bad seed who had to be killed. Kossow’s then-husband, Michael, and her young daughter were asleep when the incident occurred.

During her trial, experts argued that Kossow was witchcraft-obsessed and legally insane during the time of the murder. Yet, Marilyn Hite Ross, Chief of the Criminal Bureau of the Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Office, was concerned about how Kossow appeared to be in control of her faculties when authorities arrived to her home after the killing.

“Obviously we argued for the contrary, but our goal is to focus on Thomas, the little boy who lost his life at such a young age who should not have lost his life and should be alive today,” Ross said after the verdict.

Kossow will be mentally evaluated on an ongoing basis. A later hearing will determine if she should continue treatment at an inpatient or outpatient facility, but she’ll like remain in a mental facility indefinitely. She must continue treatment for the entire 100 years, meaning she’ll go through treatment for the rest of her life.

Not guilty by “reason of insanity” means that Kossow will not see a day of prison. Had she been found guilty by “reason of insanity,” she would have received medical treatment while serving time in prison.

[Feature Photo: Winnebago County Jail/Handout]