Tad Cummins: Kicked out of commune, desperate for money before he was nabbed for kidnapping

New details about Tad Cummins in today’s Crime Stories podcast: Listen HERE!

More details continue to emerge after alleged kidnapper Tad Cummins was nabbed on Thursday in a remote area in California.

Mike Duffy, of KDRV-TV

KDRV-TV reporter Mike Duffy joins Nancy Grace and investigative reporter Alan Duke to discuss the details on how Cummins tried to hide out in a remote community, but was caught when neighbors became suspicious. We also learn that victim, Elizabeth, 15, has suffered severe emotional trauma but is now back home with her family. Other key findings by Duffy include:

  • Cummins may have watched a 2005 documentary, which highlighted the Black Bear Ranch commune in Siskiyou County, California.
  • He wanted to stay at Black Bear Ranch, but was rejected for his aggressive personality.
  • Cummins spoke for Elizabeth, while she remained subdued and submissive.
  • The former teacher likely planned out the escape to California well in advance; he thought that Black Bear Ranch would be an “anything goes” fantasy world.
  • He found a cabin around 20 miles from Black Bear Ranch, and asked the caretaker for work.
  • A suspicious neighbor recognized Cummins and Elizabeth, and called the authorities.

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[Feature Photo: TBI]