Kara Loofborough

Arizona teacher arrested for sending explicit videos of herself to 13-year-old

An Arizona middle school teacher, who formerly worked at Fees College Preparatory Middle School in Tempe, was arrested Thursday after she sent sexually explicit videos to a 13-year-old boy, and performed sex acts on herself while video chatting with the boy, reports 12News.

Police say that that child’s father called about communications the 26-year-old teacher was having with the student outside of school.

The child told police that he had chatted with his teacher, Kara Loofborough, through Facebook and video chat. He said that in March, she showed him her breasts and her vagina over video chat.

While at school, Loofborough also showed the boy a video of her performing oral sex on another male. Further, she sent the boy a link to a pornographic website.

Police say that Loofborough admitted to the crime on the day she was arrested, and also said that she was aware of the boy’s age.

She also admitted to other incidents, according to police. She said that she had masturbated over video chat while the boy watched, and that she had the victim kiss and touch her breasts.

She was arrested on April 20.

The Tempe Elementary School District sent out a letter to parents on Friday, April 21, explaining the arrest. The letter told parents that Loofborough had worked in the district since the August of 2016, but had only been on the Fees College Preparatory Middle School campus since March 15.

On March 30, she submitted her resignation for “personal reasons” effective May 1.

“At the time she was hired, she had no criminal history reported based on the District’s fingerprint and record check with the Arizona Department of Public Safety and her background check by the District revealed no adverse findings.”

12News said that Loofborough could be facing several charges, including one count each of furnishing harmful items to a minor, indecent exposure and luring a minor for sexual exploitation.

[Feature Image: Tempe Police Department]