Brilliant: Police use murder victim’s FitBit to track her movements, show husband is lying about her murder

Police say that a husband who accused a masked man “with a voice like Vin Diesel” of breaking into his Ellington, Connecticut, home and killing his wife in 2015, is behind bars, charged with her murder. Prosecutors said on Monday that information from the victim’s FitBit bracelet indicated that much of the entire timeline her husband gave detectives was false.

Richard Dabate, 40, is accused of killing his wife, Connie, on December 23, 2015. While Dabate claimed that an unknown masked intruder killed his wife during a robbery, investigators are piecing together information obtained from Connie’s FitBit device that likely proves her husband is not being forthcoming about what really transpired in their Connecticut home the day she was killed.

District attorney Craig Stedman said that Connie’s FitBit, a wristband that tracks steps and activities, indicated that she was moving an entire hour after Dabate claimed the intruder murdered her.

“To say it is rare to use FitBit records would be safe. It is an electronic footprint that tracks your movements. It is a great tool for investigators to use. We can also get the information much faster than some other types of evidence such as DNA tests.”

Further, CCTV footage from the gym where Connie worked out on December 23 also showed that Dabate’s timeline of events couldn’t have been possible.

According to detectives, Dabates’s motives were money and his mistress. He was reportedly having an affair for seven years with an unidentified woman, who was seven months pregnant at the time of the murder. Shortly after his wife’s death, Richard tried to cash in on her $475,000 life insurance policy. He also withdrew $93,000 from her investment account.

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Dabate is currently free on a $1 million bond. His next court date is scheduled for April 28.

The story is still developing. Check back with Crime Online as additional information becomes available.

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