Tad Cummins told wife he had sex with Elizabeth Thomas

– The alleged kidnapper constantly calls his wife from jail
– He continues to tell his wife he loves her
– He now wants forgiveness

The wife of the former teacher accused of kidnapping a teen girl apparently admitted that he slept with his former student while he hid out with her for a little over a month.

Inside Edition reports that Jill Cummins, soon-to-be former wife of alleged kidnapper, Tad Cummins, talked to her husband when he called her collect from a jail. In an exclusive interview with Inside Edition’s Diane McInerney, Jill Cummins provided the details that Tad Cummins gave her when she spoke to him.

“I said, ‘Well, did you sleep with her? And he said, ‘Yes I did.’ And I didn’t want any details, but I knew the truth. I just wanted to hear it from him to me.”

Jill Cummins admitted it was difficult to hear his voice, especially knowing that her husband reportedly kidnapped 15-year-old Elizabeth Thomas, cut and dyed her hair, had sex with her, and drove her 3,000 miles away from her Columbia, Tennessee, home.

“It was very hard to hear his voice after all this time not knowing if I was going to hear it again. But he told me he was sorry. He told me he loved me and to please forgive him. “I of course went into a rage of, ‘Do you know what you’ve done to me? Do you know what you’ve done to your girls and your grandchildren?’ He pretty much just over and over said, ‘I’m sorry.’”

The distraught wife said that Tad Cummins continues to call her from jail, but she now refuses to pick up the phone.

“He has called me many times. I just don’t answer the phone. I won’t let him hurt me like that again. I will not let him betray me like that again. I won’t give him the opportunity, ever again.”

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[Feature Photo: Screenshot/Inside Edition]