‘It’s in the freezer’: Chilling note leads to horrific discovery

A Plano, Texas, man is behind bars in connection with killing his own father, and according to police, he left behind a chilling note that described what he did with his dad’s body.

Dallas News reports that U.S. Marshals arrested Kenneth Midgley Jr., 28, on Tuesday, for the beating death of Kenneth Midgley Sr., 50. According to the arrest affidavit, Plano authorities received a concerned citizen phone call on April 15 from the victim’s daughter who hadn’t from him Midgley Sr. in days. She told Plano officers that her brother, Midgley Jr., told her she couldn’ talk to her father because he was dead.

When officers arrived at Midgley Sr.’s home off of Preston Road earlier this month, they found a handwritten confession that told them exactly where they could find the victim.

“It’s in the freezer.”

Police found Midgley Sr.’s lifeless body wrapped up in a blue tarp in a freezer in the home’s garage. They also found a blood-caked steel rod in the garage and evidence that suggested the victim struggled with his attacker. Midgley Jr. was nowhere to be found. He managed to evade arrest for 11 days.

Border patrol indicated they had a video of Midgley Jr. driving into Mexico last week. It’s still unclear if the person in the video was indeed Midgley Jr., but authorities captured him at the DFW International Airport. He’s now behind bars at the Collins County Jail, facing murder charges.

Plano police spokesman David Tilley said it’s unclear the exact when the murder took place since other family members were out of town for a few weeks when the incident took place.

Midgley Jr. is being held on a $500,000 bond. It’s unclear if he has an attorney.

[Feature Photo: Collins County Jail]