RAGING MILLENIALS FURIOUS after spending thousands on cancelled Bahama’s Frye Festival! Concert-goers left stranded with disgusting food and roaming packs of “feral dogs”

Conditions were so bad that even Blink 182 refused to perform

They were promised ‘curated culinary pop-ups’ and a ‘welcoming abode’ — and some paid over $12,000 for a “VIP” package to the Fyre Festival in the Bahamas.

But these poor little rich kids, beckoned by the siren song of supermodel hosts and promoters Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajowski, were instead met with plain cheese sandwiches fit for peasants and sparse tents packed together on a garbage-strewn campsite that one attendee likened to a refugee camp.  According to the Daily Mail, attendees said they found “rat droppings” and feral dogs roaming the campgrounds.



A gourmet food offering at Fyre Festival. Photo: Daily Mail


Indeed, dispatches from festival attendees provide a stark-contrast to Fyre’s promotional video, which touted a once-in-lifetime experience on a private island “previously owned by Pablo Escobar” where models would ride yachts and jet skis arm-and-arm and play with baby pigs on white-sand beaches.

The “luxury” music and art festival, co-organized by Ja-Rule, was scheduled for two consecutive weekends in late April and early May, but following a disastrous opening night Thursday, the festival has been indefinitely postponed — after an untold number of ticketholders already arrived, and paid a pretty penny to get there.

According to the BBC, festival-goers arrived Thursday night to find an unfinished campsite offering accommodations nowhere near resembling the advertised “geodesic domes,” where they were served flimsy cheese sandwiches. Blink-182, the scheduled headliners, cancelled their performance. Many attendees were reportedly separated from their luggage, which was later tossed from a shipping container under cover of darkness.

The above Twitter account belongs to a Raleigh-based reporter who has been documenting the failed festival. According to his most recent updates, a plane full of Fyre Festival attendees landed in Miami late Friday morning after a treacherous journey, during which they were locked inside a hot Bahamas airport for an unspecified amount of time, causing one passenger to pass out.

Twitter is also having a field day with a fawning Bustle story published in December, painting the upcoming Fyre Festival as a Spring Break nirvana. “The lodging is a dream come true,” the story claims, adding:

If you’ve outgrown festivals where you skip showering for an entire weekend and eat questionable food from carnival style vendors, then you need to get yourself to Fyre Cay this spring.

The story has since been updated with details about the festival’s cancellation, but that hasn’t stopped Twitter from mocking it.

Photo: YouTube screenshot