Mother’s married boyfriend fatally injures her baby; eats pizza with limp body in his arms, say prosecutors

An Oklahoma mother whose married lover is accused of killing her toddler son will appear on an upcoming episode of the Dr. Phil show to describe the disturbing actions of the murder suspect — caught on CCTV video at her home.

According to KFOR, Roxanne Randall-Lewis’s son Lincoln, 19 months, was pronounced dead at a Tulsa area hospital on July 17, after being brought in unresponsive with skull fractures and a brain bleed consistent with abuse. The baby had been home with his mother and her married boyfriend, Tulsa dentist Bert Franklin, on the night of his fatal injuries.

Prosecutors have accused Franklin of slamming the baby’s head on the ground while his mother slept. They have obtained video of the night Lincoln was fatally injured from CCTV cameras. The footage reportedly shows Franklin holding the limp baby, after he allegedly injured him, and eating a slice of pizza.

Randall-Lewis will discuss the events of that night on the upcoming Dr. Phil episode on Monday. The show released a preview clip on its website:

Lincoln was laying on the couch, looking up at the TV, so I went to walk around to give him his pacifier and Burt was on the other couch.

He was like ‘no he’s asleep,’ so I put his pacifier on the arm of the couch and went back upstairs.

I guess that’s whenever he picked up Lincoln and carried his body around.

So he carried him into the kitchen, gets another piece of pizza, and eventually takes him to my room and lays him on my bed.

At Franklin’s bond hearing on Wednesday, prosecutors reportedly said a possible motive for the killing was that the suspect was angry about Randall-Lewis spending time with the baby’s father. Franklin has a wife and children of his own, but it appears that the two women did not know about each other.

Franklin was denied bail and remains in custody.


Photo: Screenshot/Dr. Phil