Could ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules walk free after alleged hit & run? Nancy Grace analyzes the case

As attorneys for Chris Soules are working to have his felony charges dismissed, Nancy Grace appeared on Nightline to discuss the case — and the possibility that the former Bachelor could get off, even though a man lost his life.

Last Monday night, while driving his Chevy pickup truck, Soules rear-ended his neighbor who was driving a tractor in the reality star’s hometown of Arlington, Iowa. The driver of the tractor, 66-year-old Kenneth Mosher,┬álater died of his injuries.

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And while Soules did call 911 to report the accident, and reportedly tried to give the victim CPR, he was nowhere to be seen once emergency responders arrived. And when police caught up to Soules at his home, he initially refused to let them in. It was several hours after the accident that police returned to his home with a warrant, and arrested Soules on charges of leaving the scene of an accident causing death.

As Nancy Grace pointed out on Nightline, those critical hours may have potentially helped Soules, who has a record of alcohol-related offenses, avoid further charges. Alcohol was found at the scene, but these is reportedly no evidence that Soules had been drinking at the time of the accident.

“He wasn’t present when the cops arrived in order to submit to a field sobriety test,” Nancy said. “Did he just get scared? Or was he crazy like a fox?”

Attorneys for Soules are reportedly arguing that Soules made a responsible effort to involve authorities and to help the victim — which they claim means he’s not culpable for fleeing the scene.

“If this goes to trial, Chris Soules’s … defense team is going to ask a jury to look at what he did right,” Nancy said. “He did call 911, he gave his name, and he gave an approximate location, and a very brief description of what happened.”

Soules was arrested in 2005 on DUI charges, and has at least two previous alcohol-related arrests. Police have not disclosed whether the alcohol found in his car was in an open or closed container.

The former reality star is currently free on $10,000 bail.

“I believe there is a remote possibility this case could actually be dismissed,” Nancy said on Nightline, adding: “If there are no criminal charges, I would anticipate a civil trial for wrongful death.”


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