Man who allegedly stuffed woman in a hole in his shed had ‘romantic fascination’ with victim

The victim of an Ohio man accused of kidnapping her testified at his preliminary hearing on Thursday, sharing chilling details about the late April ordeal, when she was found having a seizure and buried under heavy items at the bottom of a shed on the suspect’s property.

A reporter for WKRC- TV attended the hearing, where Dennis Dunn’s attorney unsuccessfully argued that his client should not be charged with kidnapping, and posted updates on Twitter.

The victim, Jennifer Elliot, testified that she had been acquainted with the suspect and exchanged cell phone numbers with him. She said they were never romantically involved.

An officer who responded to the missing person’s call — placed by her mother the same day Elliot was found on Dunn’s property — said the mother suggested they question him.

Elliot testified that she did not remember how she got into the shed, but recalls resisting when Dunn allegedly placed her in a dirt hole there, covering her up with heavy items.

The judge presiding over the hearing reportedly ruled there was probable cause to charge Dunn with kidnapping. The suspect will remain in custody on a $1 million bond.


Photo: Blanchester Police