Conrad Hilton arrested: Paris Hilton’s brother accused of breaking in home, grand theft auto

The hotel heir has had no shortage of legal problems

Conrad Hilton was arrested after reportedly attempting to break into actress E.G. Daily’s Hollywood Hills home—putting him in violation of a restraining order that Daily’s daughter has against him.

According to TMZ, Paris Hilton’s 23-year-old brother (pictured on the left) was trying to contact Daily’s daughter, Hunter Daily Salomon, 21, at 4 a.m. on Saturday. Sources told the tabloid that Conrad first went to the home of Rick Salomon, Daily’s ex-husband and Hunter’s father, and supposedly stole his Bentley.

Hunter reportedly got a restraining order against Conrad in May 2015 following their breakup. He allegedly tried to break into his ex’s home a mere month after the order was issued, according to the Daily Mail.

The hotel heir has had no shortage of legal problems. Conrad assaulted two British Airways attendants during a July 2014 flight from London to Los Angeles. He was accused of threatening to kill everyone and smoking marijuana in the plane’s bathroom.

“I will f**king own anyone on this flight; they are f**king peasants.”

In March 2015, Conrad subsequently accepted a plea deal for the drug-fueled fiasco and was sentenced to 750 hours of community service, three years probation, and he was ordered to participate in an outpatient substance abuse program, the Mail reported.

Issues arose again last summer when Conrad was arrested for using drugs while on probation. Us Weekly wrote that he was sentenced to two months behind bars in June for violating the terms of his probation.

“The underlying allegations that he admitted as being true concerned repeated drug use while on probation, including marijuana, synthetic cannabinoids, and cocaine as well,” US Assistant Attorney Alexander Scwab told the magazine at the time.

Conrad is not only charged with violating a restraining order but he was also hit with a felony grand theft auto charge, according to the New York Daily News. TMZ reported that he is currently in custody.

[Featured Image: AP/Matt Sayles]