He’s Baack! Hilton hotel chain heir Conrad Hilton back in trouble

With all that money, why won’t he just go away?  Paris Hilton’s little brother, and Hilton Hotel chain heir, Conrad Hilton, was arrested and booked for allegedly trying to break into his ex-girlfriend’s mother’s house as well as grand theft auto. Bail has been set at $60,000.

Hilton, 23, is said to have been caught near his ex-girlfriend’s Hollywood Hills home at 4 a.m. on Saturday morning. If the claim is true, Conrad Hilton is in violation of a restraining order taken out by former girlfriend Hunter Daily Salomon.

The name Salomon may ring a bell, Hunter is the daughter of Rick Salomon who was the male “co-star” with Paris Hilton in her widely-seen sex tape. Quite the coincidence…Conrad Hilton dating the daughter of his sister’s sex-tape co-star…before she took out a restraining order on him, that is. That original restraining order was taken out in May 2015, upon the breakup of Hunter Salomon and Conrad Hilton. Reports say Hilton tried to break in her home one month after the 2015 TRO.

Love hurts. And may end in restraining orders that some people (a/k/a/ Conrad Hilton) ignore. And get away with it, apparently.

TMZ reports that earlier that evening, Hilton also stole the father, Rick Salomon’s Bentley automobile.

Just last June, Hilton got two months behind bars for violating terms of parole.

He admitted in open court the used drugs while on probation and reportedly broke down weeping in court, the U.S. Assistant Attorney, Alexander Schwab stated ‘The underlying allegations that he admitted to being true concerned repeated drug use while on probation, including marijuana, synthetic cannabinoids, and cocaine as well.’

At sentencing, Baby Hilton reportedly begged the judge to allow him to serve his time under house arrest at his grandfather’s Palm Springs mansion. That didn’t work out.

Hilton flew the coop August 1, 2016.

But nearly one year to the date before, August of 2014, he had been arrested after an international flight in which he yelled out profanities and threats.

“I am going to f***ing kill you!…I will f***ing own anyone on this flight… they are f***ing peasants.”

He was also accused of smoking pot in the plane bathroom. He went wild and ended up restrained in his seat until landing.

When you don’t know a horse, look at his track record. Once again, Conrad Hilton is headed for a light sentence. Brace yourself, probation officers…here comes trouble.

[Feature Photo: AP/Chris Pizzello & Danny Moloshok/Invision]