Man arrested for Belize double murder was ‘BEST FRIENDS’ with one of the victims

One of the persons of interest detained for the murder of an Atlanta marine veteran and a Canadian woman in Belize is said to be one of the victim’s best friends.

Toronto Sun reports that John Deshaies, 54, is one of the two suspects detained in connection with the deaths of Drew DeVoursney, 36, and Francesca Matus, 52. Both were found strangled to death in a sugar cane field in Belize on April 25. Deshaies, by his own admission, was close friends with Matus, but denies having anything to do with her death.

Deshaies, who owns a construction company in Canada, was living in the lower level of Matus’ home on Serenity Sands Road in Corozal, Belize. A family friend indicated that the pair were good friends and that Deshaies is being treated as “the scapegoat.”

“It’s a terrible misunderstanding. Francesca was his best friend. He’s a really good guy….Belize is a very corrupt country….They want it to seem like it’s a Canadian or American problem rather than a Belizean one.”

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Deshaies landed on the police radar after they learned he allegedly $57,000 worth of goods in a case unrelated to the murders. He claimed he was only doing his job and following orders he was given to remove valuable such as laptop computers and machinery. He also came under suspicion when he seemingly went missing while authorities were searching for the couple. He disappeared for four days between April 22 through April 25.

Police Sr. Superintendent Dennis Arnold isn’t giving out much information yet, but he said that Deshaies and another suspect (name unknown) are both being detained. He also said that authorities are investigating threats made against Matus, but didn’t give any additional details.

The FBI is now assisting Belize authorities with the investigation.

The investigation is still ongoing. Check back with Crime Online as additional details become available.

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