‘I wish they didn’t let you in the country’: Video shows woman harassing Muslim shopper

A video posted online on Saturday reportedly captured a woman berating a Muslim shopper amid an Islamophobic tirade.

Jeremy McLellan explained that his friend, who is Muslim, filmed the altercation which went down at a Trader Joe’s in Roanoke, Virginia. McLellan claimed that the friend allowed the woman to go in front of her in line because she was in a hurry.

The Charleston-based comedian wrote that the unknown woman began making disparaging remarks about another Muslim woman wearing niqab before interrogating his friend as to why she didn’t wear one.

“My friend replied it [wearing niqab] was a choice and the woman didn’t believe her and started talking about FGM [female genital mutilation],” he tweeted.

The exchange didn’t stop there, however. And that’s when the friend started filming.

The video starts out with the woman saying, “I wish they didn’t let you in the country,” to which McLellan’s friend informs her that she is a natural-born citizen.

From there, the woman transitions to the topic of Obama, pointing out the “fact” that he’s Muslim and that he isn’t in office (this is true).

“We don’t have a Muslim in there anymore… He’s gone, he’s gone,” the woman is heard commenting. “He may be in jail too, in the future.”

“You look a little crazy. Maybe you need to get some help,” the shopper responds.

“You don’t just strike up a conversation with people in line talking about stuff like that if you’re normal.”

After insisting that she’s normal, the woman offers a parting shot: “What set you off? Obama.”

McLellan wrote that his friend wishes to stay anonymous and to not give any interviews at this time. However, she gave the media the green light to publicize the video.

McLellan concluded, “Let’s make this lady famous.”

[Featured Image: Facebook/Twitter]