Did Ted Bundy ‘visit’ his old home? Contractor claims serial killer’s childhood house is haunted

Not everyone believes in the paranormal, including a Washington contractor, that is until he worked on the home that infamous serial killer Ted Bundy grew up in, in North Tacoma.

Contractor Casey Clopton was hired to renovate Bundy’s four-bedroom childhood home in 2016. While working in the basement, Clopton said he clearly saw someone or something pleading for help on the basement window. He also witnessed doors and cabinets opening by themselves and doorknobs jingling their own.

“I’m not one to believe a lot of this stuff, but this house made me a believer,” Clopton told The News Tribune.

The owner of Bundy’s boyhood home at the time, David Truong, purchased the house without knowing its history. In fact, he had no idea who lived in the 1,400 square foot house previously. He did know, however, that it was built in 1946 and needed a desperate renovation before he could resell it and make a profit.

Yet, it got so uncomfortable for Clopton that he left the home for a week. He returned with a demolition crew who also felt uneasy in the home.

Clopton said the strangeness continued. For instance, he saw the word “leave” written in dust on one the bedroom floors, he saw a larger dresser fall and wedge itself between a door, and he witnessed electrical appliances shutting off randomly.

Although he was extremely uncomfortable, Clopton finished the job while the owner had two clergymen visit the home; both went to every room in the home while saying blessings. Granted, Bundy never murdered anyone in his childhood home, but the strange happenings remain unexplainable. Some people claimed it may have been Bundy himself causing the paranormal activity.

The home recently sold for $335,000.

[Feature Photo: AP]