Shocking Video: Elderly woman gets slammed to ground, thrown in pool, for asking teens to lower their music

The woman’s two small dogs barely escaped the attack

A video recently emerged online showing a group of people standing around a poolside, laughing while someone grabbed an elderly woman, slammed her to the ground, then threw her into the pool, supposedly because she asked the group to turn their music down.

The victim, whose name is unknown, was walking her two small dogs when she walked by a group of people having a pool party. Most partygoers looked to be in their late teens to early 20s. As she asked them to lower the volume at the party, a female voice in the background¬†shouted to “throw her in.” That’s when a male grabbed the victim, body slammed her and tossed her into the pool, falling in with her. The victim’s two dogs managed to barely escape before falling in the pool themselves.

Shortly after, partygoers started running away from the scene, laughing at what just transpired. It’s still unclear where or when the incident took place. Numerous people have shared the video on social media, hoping to figure out who the victim is and whether she was injured.

[Feature Photo: YouTube]