CAPTURED! Teen who threw elderly woman in pool gets arrested

A teenager caught on video slamming an elderly woman to the ground and then into a pool, turned himself in on Monday to Florida authorities.

WSNV-TV reports that 16-year-old Leon Balfour turned himself into Broward County, Florida, police after a video taken by a partygoer’s cellphone went viral. The video showed Balfour picking up 68-year-old Nancy James, in an attempt to throw into a pool. He accidently slipped, taking the elderly woman down with him, slamming her onto the concrete. He got back up and pulled Grace into the pool. The incident sparked national outrage.

The teen’s mother and attorney accompanied him to the police department. After he was processed, he was taken to the Broward Regional Juvenile Facility. He’s charged with “battery on a person 65 years or older.”

The viral video took place at the Players Place Apartment Complex in North Lauderdale, Florida. A group of people were at a pool gathering when James walked up with her two small dogs in tow. James asked the group to turn their music down, which apparently offended some of the party goers. A girl in the background encouraged Balfour to “throw her in the pool.” Within a few minutes, Balfour did just that.

As soon as the Balfour forced James into the pool, the crowd began dispersing. James was later taken to the hospital with minor injuries to her thigh and shoulder. Neither of her dogs were injured.

At a court hearing on Monday, Balfour was given home detention until his next court date. He’s still allowed to play on a travel basketball team. James told Local 10 News that she found it ridiculous that the teen was given such leeway while waiting on his next court appearance.

“I would like to see him learn a couple lessons of life without, you know, his own pillow and comforter at night.”

Yet, James, who’s on the association board at the apartment complex, admitted that “kids will be kids” and throw parties. But she warned them to lower the music after getting several complaints from other residents.

Balfour is expected back in court in June.

[Feature Photo: Facebook]