Conrad Hilton: Spoiled hotel heir is at it again; EXPLODES during court hearing, says homophobic slurs – SEE THE VIDEO

Courtroom footage shows Hilton as he almost has a meltdown during his arraignment

Hotel heir Conrad Hilton showed up for his arraignment in a Los Angeles courtroom on Wednesday, after refusing to leave his jail cell just a day prior. An extra day behind bars didn’t seem to cool him off much, although he did reluctantly agree to the judge’s terms for his release.

In courtroom footage obtained by TMZ, Hilton is seen standing behind his attorney, Robert Shapiro, as a judge reads out the conditions of his release. Hilton was locked up on Saturday for breaking into a former girlfriend’s house. He was later charged with grand theft auto after allegedly stealing her father’s car.

As the judge read the condition of Hilton’s release, the spoiled hotel heir exploded in anger and said, “So f***ing gay,” while staring at someone in the courtroom. Although the camera didn’t pick up Hilton’s voice, reporters indicated that his homophobic slur was clearly audible to those in the courtroom.

Regardless, the judge still allowed Hilton to be released on $90,000, but under certain conditions. Along with going straight to a mental health facility in Houston, Texas, for an evaluation, Hilton must remain there until his next arraignment in June. If he tries to leave, he’ll be taken back to jail. He also has to adhere to a restraining order that prevents him from going near his former girlfriend, Hunter Daily Saloman, 21, and her family.

Hilton agreed to give up his right to enter a plea and acknowledged he had the right to formally enter a plea when he returns to court next month.

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[Feature Photo: YouTube Screenshot/TMZ]