Police: North Carolina student caught with weapons and ‘hit list’ with students’ names in backpack

Police in Union Hills, North Carolina, caught a student with a backpack full of weapons and a “hit list” full of students’ names on Wednesday morning. The student was thwarted before anyone was injured.

ABC reports that a Union County Sheriff’s deputy who works as a School Resource Officer at the Forest Hills High School found a bottle of flammable liquid, knives, a dismantled shotgun shell, fireworks, and a list of students’ names inside the backpack of a male student, 16.

Authorities received a tip from a law enforcement agency in Canada after conversations in a chat room alerted them. A Forest Hills High School student who was in the chatroom declared he was going to “stab several kids at school today.”

The sheriff of Union County, Eddie Cathey, credited and thanked the law enforcement agency for stepping in and preventing a tragedy from happening. He also thanked the Union County schools and the resource officer.

“The deputies and specifically the School Resource Officer, along with Union County Public Schools did an outstanding job of quickly identifying the student involved with the chat room discussions and finding the weapons before a tragedy happened. I also need to thank the SBI and ISAAC for bringing this matter to our attention as quickly as they did.”

According to investigators, the student wasn’t looking for notoriety while in the chat room. He was in a private conversation with another chat member when he mentioned stabbing other students.

Police reported that the hit list had the names of around nine to 12 students on it. The parents of the students were notified.

“He certainly had the tools necessary to carry out what he was intending to do,” spokesperson for Union County Sheriff’s Office, Tony Underwood, said.

On Wednesday morning, students were greeted by a Union County deputy upon entering the high school. The attack, which was reportedly scheduled for mid-morning on Wednesday, appears to be an isolated event, but authorities took extra precaution.

The student carrying the weapons and hit list was not arrested, but authorities are likely to file criminal charges. He’s currently getting counseling, according to the sheriff.

[Feature Photo: Union County Sheriff’s Office]