Crybaby! New mugshot shows man caught on video screaming at Muslim American family in tears after police arrest him

WARNING: Profanity-laced tired caught on camera

South Padre Island police arrested Alexander Jennes Downing and charged him with Public Intoxication earlier this month, and video of his alcohol-fueled tirade against a Muslim American family is now going viral.

Noria Alward, who uploaded the video on May 5th, describes:

While enjoying our time at the beach during a family reunion, our kids and us had to experience ugliness and aggressiveness in the worse shape and form possible. We were staying at the South Padre Pearl hotel and went to the beach through their private access. My father was approached by two woman who were also enjoying their time. The women asked him to help with talking to a stranger who was harassing them.

All my father said to the guy was “please enjoy your time and have fun and let everyone else here enjoy their time.” The guy seemed to listen and walked away. He then came back to my father and started throwing racist comments. He was yelling so loud that my uncles and my brother came over from the water to see what was going on. The insane man came close to the kids and that’s when my uncle stood up to him and defended us and the kids, including my 4 year old cousin, 4 and 2 year old nephews. The video here shows a glimpse of what we all had to experience.

The man continued to harass the family for 20 minutes, who eventually called the police.

KTSM obtained the the police report which read, “On May 3, 2017, officers were dispatched to 310 Padre Blvd in reference to a disturbance. Officers made contact with Alexander Jennes Downing (35) of Waterford, Connecticut. While making contact with Downing officers determined that he was intoxicated in a public place and was a danger to himself and others.”

Downing appeared to be in tears in his mugshot.

South Padre Island Chief of Police Randy Smith said, “We try to create an environment where people can come to the beach, have a good time and have a good time with their families and enjoy themselves. The last thing we want is for someone to be harassed and taunted by an intoxicated subject that is blatantly out of line.”


[Featured Image: South Padre Island Police]