Video of 15-year-old boy shot dead by police shows he could have been saved, claims family

An unverified video recording of the fatal shooting of a teen in Bridgeport, Connecticut, calls into question police claims about the time and manner of death.

WARNING: Disturbing images 

Fifteen-year-old Jayson Negron was reportedly shot by police on May 9 after he allegedly rammed his car into a police officer.

According to the Guardian, the Bridgeport Police Department confirmed that Negron hit officer James Boulay with a stolen car before officer Bouley shot at him. The 15-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene.

But Bouley’s cousin, Giovanni Rivera, posted a video of what he said was the the aftermath of the shooting on Twitter, which suggests that Negron may not have been killed instantly, and authorities may have let him die at the scene without administering possible life-saving measures.

The video, which has not been authenticated, shows the teenager immobile on his stomach, with his face turned to the right. A police officer is standing next to him, and at one point appears to gently touch him.

The video cuts away from Negron for a few seconds, and when it comes back, Negron’s head is clearly seen in a different position.

As the Daily Mail pointed out, the footage has caused some to believe that Negron was alive for a period of time when he could have been treated.

Bridgeport police Chief Armando Perez told the Connecticut Post that paramedics “got there relatively quickly,” but did not give a specific response time.

“This is a nightmare. Bridgeport PD told my family they shot Jayson in the head and was dead on scene this video clearly shows otherwise,” Rivera wrote in a Twitter message. “They left my baby cousin on the ground to die.”

According to the Guardian, an autopsy result found that Negron died from a gunshot wound to the chest.

“If that crucial part of the story is a lie, everything else is up for question,” Rivera told the Hartford Courant.


Photo: GoFundMe