Home for summer, Duke University Junior vanishes after neighborhood party

Michael Doherty, an engineering student at Duke University, vanished while walking home from a house party early Sunday. Although his parents lived just a mile away, it was a dark and rainy night in Franklin, Massachusetts.

A massive search using dogs, boats, drones and helicopters was in its third day Tuesday. Doherty’s short and a shoe were found in a swamp that runs near the path Doherty, 20, likely took through the residential area. Another shoe was found on the edge of a golf course on the opposite side of the swamp.

If the young man had followed the roadways from Phylis Lane to Catherine Avenue, it would have taken him away from the swampy area. But he could tried to shorten the distance by cutting through yards and using paths through the woods. Friends suggested he was very familiar with the neighborhood.

Doherty had just returned to his hometown for the summer break from school. Some of his Alpha Tau Omega fraternity brothers have traveled there to join the search for their frat brother.

Nancy Grace and Alan Duke look at the case of the missing Duke junior in this episode of “Crime Stories.”

[Feature Photo: Handout]