Police: Man caught carrying human head in store identified; head belonged to his mother

The suspect is accused of stabbing an employee once inside the store

A man who reportedly carried a human head inside an Estacada, Oregon, store and stabbed an employee, has been identified. Authorities also confirmed that the head he was carrying belonged to his mother.

ABC 13 reports that the body of  59-year-old Tina Marie Webb was found in her Colton, Oregon, home, with her head missing on Sunday afternoon. Her son, Joshua Webb, 36, was arrested and charged with her murder.

The suspect walked into the Estacada Thriftway store on Mother’s Day, drenched in blood and carrying his own mother’s severed head. Ernie Roberts, interim police chief Sandy, Oregon, said that Webb carried an 8-inch knife in the other hand and walked to the back of the store. He spotted an employee, Michael Wagner, and warned him that he “better run.” Webb began stabbing Wagner and cut him at least seven times before other employees were able to tackle him down and hold him for authorities. Webb was allegedly in a catatonic state when police arrived.

Wagner was airlifted and taken in for medical help. He is expected to survive. Webb faces an additional count of attempted murder after reportedly stabbing the employee.

Webb’s father, David, was not at home when his wife was killed, but he was in shock that it happened. He claimed he had no idea that his son was capable of such violence.

“My wife was wonderful. I’ve been married to her for almost 41 years. Joshua was our son. I never saw a problem. Evidently, there was one. I don’t know. I start crying every time I think about it.”

Webb, who was taken in for a mental evaluation, doesn’t have a criminal history. He lived with his parents and did odd jobs around his neighborhood for money.

The story is still developing. Check back with Crime Online as additional information becomes available.

[Feature Photo: Estacada Sheriff’s Office]