Police rescue terrified baby from hot car over an hour after dad gets shot in front of her

A 10-month-old infant sat in her father’s car while he lay on the ground outside, bleeding to death from gunshot wounds. No one noticed the little girl sitting alone inside a tinted-windowed car for over an hour, but police pulled her to safety just in time.

The Washington Post reports that Ernest Solomon, 26, was gunned down in front of his infant daughter on March 26. The incident happened at Baltimore’s West side. Authorities found Solomon and rushed him to the hospital, but more than an hour passed before they noticed the little girl in the car. Soloman’s car had dark tinted windows, making it impossible for anyone to see inside.

Homicide Detective Lee Brandt recalled hearing a faint sound coming from the car while he investigated the murder scene with other detectives. They carefully opened the car door and found the baby strapped into a pink car seat, wearing a pink and white onesie outfit under a black jogging sweatsuit. Brandt pulled the baby out and held her up to make sure she was OK. He was relieved to see that the little girl was coherent, but they quickly sent her to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

“We couldn’t be there for her father, but we were there for her. We got her safe. We got her taken care of. We had one tragic death versus two,” Brandt said.

Police initially didn’t open Solomon’s car doors because they didn’t want to contaminate the crime scene. Baltimore police spokesman Detective Donnie Moses explained that the car windows were closed and they had no way of knowing the little girl was inside until she started whimpering.

“The windows were tinted very dark when they looked inside the vehicle they discovered a baby, a little girl, who looked to be at least a year or less was in a car seat inside of that vehicle.”

Family members picked the infant up the following day after she was given a clean bill of health by medical professionals.

Meanwhile, detectives are still investigating Solomon’s murder. So far, no suspects have been arrested, but there is a person of interest in the case that police are currently looking for. Anyone with any information should call Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-LOCKUP or the Baltimore Police Department at 410-396-2100.

[Feature Photo: Faceboox]