Driver in deadly Times Square crash tried to flee scene, Planet Hollywood bouncer ‘knocked him out’: Report

New photos of the horrific scene show the suspect and a severely injured victim moments after the crash

The suspect accused of killing an 18-year-old New York City pedestrian and injuring nearly two dozen others after he plowed his car into a busy Times Square intersection on Thursday ran from the scene, witnesses said.

Richard Rojas, 26, of the Bronx, was arrested after a Planet Hollywood bouncer reportedly took him down.

“We saw the driver running toward Planet Hollywood in the middle of the block,” Alpha Balde, a ticket agent who works in Times Square and who reportedly helped subdue the suspect, told the Daily News.

“The bouncer from Planet Hollywood knocked him out. He knocked him out so bad you could see the blood coming out of his face. That’s when I jumped in, I grabbed him from his neck and within about one minute everybody’s there.”

Balde said that he and other bystanders held the suspect until police could take him into custody. He also said that he checked the suspect for weapons.

“I ripped off his shirt,” Balde said. “We watch TV all the time, You have to make sure this guy doesn’t have anything under his shirt that’s going to damage you. So I ripped the shirt to find out no gun, no knife, no belt.”

The news comes as TMZ obtained photos of the suspect– and a severely injured victim — in the moments after the deadly crash have been released, showing Rojas appearing crazed and out of control.


The photos also show shocked witnesses responding to the horrifying accident, including a mother and her two young children just inches away from a bloodied victim lying near the suspect’s Honda.

As Crime Online previously reported, Rojas has a history of DUI arrests. An NBC News report said that Rojas was administered a breathalyzer test at the NYPD precinct, which did not find any alcohol in his system.  Drug tests are still pending.

Photo: Associated Press