WARNING: Student dies after playing ‘choking game’ at school

A dangerous game that’s been around for decades is gaining popularity as people continue to post it on social media

It’s known as Space Monkey, California Choke, the Knockout Challenge, and Suffocation Roulette. It’s something that’s been played primarily by tweens and teens for generations, but it’s gained more popularity in recent years as more and more people continue to post videos of themselves online. This dangerous game has already killed numerous kids, including the recent death of a student in New Jersey.

NBC 4 reports that it’s known simply as the “choking game” in New Jersey, where a teenager in the Bernard School District passed away after participating in the deadly incident. The student was voluntarily choked until a pass out occurred, but the teen never regained consciousness. The game entails one person taking several deep breaths, then another person strangling the deep breather or pushing on their chest until they faint. It brings about a euphoric feeling through the brief loss of oxygen. In some instances, a person will play the game alone by taking deep breaths and choking themselves.

The Bernard Schools Superintendent, Nick Markarian, did not identify the student, but sent out a letter to parents this week, warning them about the dangers of the game. Although the incident happened a few months prior, Markarian likely waited to inform the parents until after an investigation was complete.

“It is important to emphasize that research shows children who experiment with the ‘choking game’ alone often tragically die after the first or second time. Many of our children have easy access to videos via YouTube depicting others participating in this activity.”

Markarian said there are certain things to look for that may be a sign that children are participating in the choking game, including

– Knots in ties and belts

– Bloodshot eyes and headaches

– Broken blood vessels on the face

– Broken blood vessels on eyelids

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doesn’t yet list the current amount of deaths that occurred because of the choking game, 82 people died from the dangerous game between 1995 and 2007.


[Feature Photo: YouTube]