New footage of Times Square crash shows driver hitting pedestrians at high speed [WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGES]

Some pedestrians appear to be thrown into the air after impact, others dragged by car

New video footage of the Times Square crash on Thursday shows the true horror of driver Richard Rojas’s deadly vehicular assault on pedestrians, and indicate the fatal crash may not have been an accident.

The video shows the suspect, who has been charged with the murder of an 18-year-old woman who died after she was hit by his car, continuing to drive at a high speed through a pedestrian area even after numerous people are hit and some appear to go flying from the car after high-speed impact.

According to the Daily News, Rojas has also been charged with 20 counts of attempted murder in connection to victims injured in the crash, four critically.

WARNING: The below video contains disturbing images of injury and possible death


On Thursday, police sources told ABC News they believed Rojas has smoked the synthetic marijuana K2 prior to the crash. Additional drug tests are pending.