Police: Texas couple steals hearse, dumps body on side of the road

Police say a man and woman stole a hearse on Friday in Bryan, Texas, then sped away and threw a corpse on the side of a road.

The Eagle reports that Adam Craig Crow, 27, and Tanya Ray Albrecht, 28, are accused of stealing the unmarked hearse, which resembles an SUV, when the hearse driver pulled over at a McDonald’s in Bryan. While the driver was inside the restaurant, the suspects jumped in the hearse and sped away. Around 12 miles from McDonald’s, authorities found a body in a ditch on the side of Dick Elliott Road.

The body was in the process of being driven from the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office to the Stackhouse Mortuary Services in College Station when the car theft occurred.

“True story…hearse stolen in Bryan with body inside, then body dumped in the county,” Chief Deputy James Stewart of the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office posted on Twitter.

Around five hours later, police caught up with suspects, still driving the hearse, and pulled them over. It’s unclear whether the suspects initially knew a body was in the vehicle.

Sgt. Jason James of Bryan PD stated that case is still under investigation. Both suspects were arrested and face a felony charge each of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and displaying a fictitious license plate. Crow was charged with driving without a license. Albrecht, who has previous drug-related charges, was charged with abuse of a corpse. Crow has been arrested 14 times in the past year.

The story is still developing. Check back with Crime Online as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Brazos County Jail]