Human skull found on property where woman who disappeared in 1988 once lived

A Utah tenant discovered a skull in the storage cellar in his backyard on Monday, and police say it’s the home where a woman lived who disappeared closed to three decades ago.

CBS reports that Peggy Sue Case was 28 when she disappeared in 1988 from her Spanish Fork home. Her boyfriend, Michael Kurfin, was always considered a person of interest in the case, but with no evidence, he was never charged. She was last seen on July 9, 1988, when she attended a hot tub party with Kurfin at a friend’s house. Detective Carl Johnston said that witnesses explained that the pair were arguing that night after Kurfin accused Case of flirting with other men at the party. The next day, no one could find Case.

Everyone who knew Kurfin became suspicious since it was unlike her to simply disappear without saying anything. Kurfin explained she left to buy a car, which made people even more suspicious. On July 15, 1988, Case’s co-workers reported her missing. When police questioned Kurfin, he cooperated at first and told them he had talked to her by phone on several occasions. He eventually stopped answering questions.

Although investigators searched extensively for Case and even dug through the storage cellar, they never found any evidence. The new tenant said he found the skull buried in a mesh plastic bag and a blanket, about 18 inches deep into the ground. The tenant began digging after noticing a sag in the dirt floor. He also said he was curious since he’d heard about Case’s disappearance from a neighbor.

Experts are currently trying to determine if it was indeed Case’s skull that was found. Authorities indicated that they know Kurfin’s current whereabouts and want to talk to him if the skull ends up being Case’s.

The story is still developing. Check back with Crime Online as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Police Handout]