Boy, 3, who disappeared at Sam Houston National Forest is found safe!


A 3-year-old boy who went missing on Saturday at the Sam Houston National Forest in New Waverly, Texas, was found “safe and smiling” on Sunday afternoon, according to Jimmy Williams of New Waverly Fire Department.

“Ezra was just found in the national forest and he’s been brought to the command post. He’s alert, smiling.”

Original Story

Police are searching for a 3-year-old boy who wandered away from his family’s campsite at the Sam Houston National Forest in New Waverly, Texas, on Saturday.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the little boy, Ezra, was last seen wearing a red shirt and blue shorts when he walked away from his family’s remote camping spot. Police say that the camp site was not an organized camping area, which is making the search of Ezra more difficult.

According to the authorities, Ezra’s parents said that they were pitching a tent while all their children, including Ezra and two older siblings, were close by. Officials are worried that given the time that he’s been missing, Ezra could be suffering from dehydration. They are searching 3/4 of mile area in each direction from the spot the boy wandered away from. They’re hoping to find him before a possible storm hits the area tonight.

First responders and numerous agencies are using ATVs to search the Forest Road 208 area, where they can use the vehicles to cut through woods and dense bushes.

“When you’ve got a small child missing, you’re looking under any bush, log, behind everything,”Tim Miller of EquuSearch said.”We’re already 24 hours out it’s very tedious, very hot and it’s difficult.”

Miller also emphasized that no volunteers are needed at this time, as the area they are searching can be dangerous and cause accidents.

“We’re just using experienced searchers on this search, because it’s difficult and very thick woods. We do not want volunteers. We’ve got plenty of experienced people out here.”

Sam Houston National Forest encompasses over 250 square miles.

[Feature Image: Family Handout]