Police: College student bullied and beaten by boyfriend takes selfie of abuse before killing herself

A University of Aberdeen student who took her own life in 2016, shared a selfie with a friend that showed signs of abuse by her boyfriend, who mentally and physically tortured her for months. The abusive boyfriend, who appeared in court last week, is scheduled for sentencing this summer.

The Daily Record reports that Emily Drouet, 18, took the photos so that she would have proof that her boyfriend, Angus Milligan, was abusing her. According to Emily, he would slap her in the face if he thought she told a lie. He also encouraged her to have sex with other men and even bought her bondage restraints for her birthday. He also isolated her from her parents and threatened to tell them she was “partying” at school.

In March 2016, Emily was found dead in her dorm room at Aberdeen. Reportedly, she decided to kill herself after she could not escape her abusive boyfriend. Milligan was later arrested and charged with assault and abuse, among several other related charges.

Emily’s parents, Fiona and Jermaine Drouet, told the Daily Record that they are still upset when they look at Emily’s photo. Her mother said she just wanted to jump inside the photo and cuddle her.

“I want to jump inside the picture and cuddle her. I want to tell her that she could have spoken to me, that she could have asked for help. We would have been there.”

According to court documents, Milligan would send Emily flirtatious and sweet text messages, but within a few minutes,  he would send vicious messages attacking her and threatening her. When Milligan would stay over at Emily’s parents home with her, Emily would act nervous around him according to her mother.

“Within six months, that man destroyed our daughter and wrecked our lives. He’s just complete evil,” said Fiona Drouet.

Fiona decided to release her daughter’s selfie photo so that the public can see how damaging an abusive relationship could be. Emily went from a student full of hope and dreams to depressed and suicidal after Milligan’s abuse. Fiona hopes that Emily’s story can help other girls find a way out  of abusive relationships before it’s too late.

“Emily was the last person you would think something like this could happen to. But if this can happen to our family then it could happen to another family. I can’t bear the thought of another girl going through this. I want my daughter back but that can’t happen. I need to stop this happening to another girl.”


Last week, Milligan pleaded guilty to assault, threats and abuse. He also pleaded guilty to using abusive language and sending Emily offensive text messages. He faced five other charges that were eventually dropped, including an accusation that he choked her minutes before she took her own life. He’s scheduled for sentencing on July 5.

[Feature Photo: Family Handout]