Rihanna: Stalker gets arrested but vows to never stop chasing after ‘RiRi’

A stalker arrested after trespassing through singer Rihanna’s home was arrested last Tuesday, and apparently, he said that an arrest wouldn’t stop him from harassing her.

New York Daily News reports that Salmir Feratovic, 33, was arrested in Manhattan and booked on criminal trespassing. He pleaded guilty and was released on Wednesday but he told TMZ an arrest wouldn’t stop him from pursuing the successful “RiRi.”

Feratovic was also arrested in 2016 when he showed up unannounced and uninvited to Rhianna’s SoHo building. He’d already tried to sneak in her building earlier in 2016; both times he was stopped by the building doorman. On his second visit attempt, he was arrested. Authorities said he had a knife on him when he was arrested but Feratovic claimed he wasn’t going to physically harm the superstar singer.

This isn’t the first time Rihanna has been stalked by an obsessed fan. In 2014, a homeless man identified at Kevin Mcglynn, 53, was caught three times on surveillance video attempting to deliver harassing and vulgar letters to the “Work” singer.

NY County Assistant District Attorney James Vinocur told a judge that Mcglynn called Rihanna names such as “b****” and wrote about them having a relationship, which according to the prosecutor was completely baseless.

“The nature of these letters (is) confusing. They all do indicate a personal relationship, as I indicated before, that simply does not exist.”

Billboard reports that Mcglynn was arrested and charged with stalking and harassment. During his court appearance, he claimed that Rihanna, Jay Z and Kanye West “ripped off his material.”

Judge Orlando Marrazzo, who oversaw the case, compared Mcglynn’s stalking to that of Mark David Chapman, the man who killed legendary singer, John Lennon. Marazzo called the suspect “severely psychotic and delusional’ and sentenced him to a psychiatric facility.

[Feature Photo: AP/Andy Kropa/Invision for Facebook]