Shia LaBeouf slapped with lawsuit after reportedly screaming at bartender, calling him racist

Actor Shia LaBeouf is facing a $5 million after an incident in California, caught on video in April, showed the actor allegedly screaming and ranting at a bartender.

Page Six reports that LaBeouf and his wife were at Jerry’s Famous Deli in Los Angeles, when the actor, reportedly intoxicated, demanded to sit at a bar area designated for workers only. When told to to find another seat, LaBeouf allegedly began screaming at a bartender and accusing him of being racist. The situation got worse when LaBeouf was refused drinks after the bartender decided he was too drunk.

David Bernstein, the bartender, is suing for defamation and assault. Berstein’s lawyer said that LaBeouf was on the verge of using physical violence before he was stopped.

“He yelled at plaintiff and appeared ready to physically confront him after plaintiff refused to serve him a drink because he appeared to be intoxicated,” Bernstein’s attorneys said.

The lawsuit read that after LaBeouf slammed his fist on the bar counter, he walked around to the bar well area and proceeded to “yell at the top of his lungs.” Berstein alleged that he was in fear of his life after the confrontation.

According to People, the actor’s lawyer, Brian Wolf, said that the lawsuit is baseless and does not constitute defamation.

“The recent lawsuit filed against Shia is baseless. The statements attributed to Shia forming the basis of the action do not remotely constitute ‘defamation’. The case is little more than an effort to harass our client. We will vigorous defend and seek dismissal of this frivolous action and will seek recovery of all attorneys fees and costs from the plaintiff.”

According to court documents, Berstein has worked at Jerry’s Famous Deli for 32 years and is a “beloved individual to his customers who are predominantly African-American.”

[Feature Photo: AP/Mary Altaffer, File]