Police: California octogenarian attacks, detains violent home intruder

The 82-year-old tackled and detained a female suspect over 30 years his junior

After his wife was allegedly beaten up by another woman, an 82-year-old San Jose man tackled his wife’s attacker.

SFGate reports that Yousef Youkhaneh, 82, was inside his home off of McKee Road, while his wife, Christine Youkhaneh, 76, was outside tidying up their back yard. While she was at the back screen door, she bent over to pick up her shoes when she was hit in the head twice. She looked up saw an unknown woman swinging a large piece of wood at her.

“I put my hand to my head, and she hit at my hand, very bad,” Youkhaneh told SFGate. “I tried to see who they are, and I see the lady just hitting me, like she’s going to kill me. No reason. I never saw her before. ”

Christine, although injured, managed to get inside and scream for help. Yousef jumped to action and ran into the backyard, trying to make sure the suspect didn’t get away.

“I heard a scream from my wife,” Yousef Youkhaneh recalled. “I run to the scream and I see that my wife is bloody and the blood is coming out from her head, all over. Somebody hurt her.”

The 82-year-old chased the suspect into the driveway of their home. While he tried to detain her, his wife called the police. Yousef kept the suspect, a woman at least 30 years younger than him, in a tight grip while he waited for authorities. When police arrived, they arrested the suspect, identified as Rehnu Singh, 50, of San Jose, and booked her into the Santa Clara County Jail.

“I fell down and she fell down,” Yousef said. “But I didn’t let her go. I held onto her with all my power.”

Singh, a transient, was allegedly trying to break into the home when she was surprised by Christina walking outside. Singh is facing charges of charges of elder abuse, assault with a deadly weapon, and attempted burglary.

Christine was taken to the hospital where she received eight stitches on her head. She’s now back and home and although she is still a bit shaken up, her injuries are expected to heal.

Meanwhile, the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office indicated that Yousef was a hero and that they were proud that he held the suspect down until they arrived.

“Many times we meet citizens we see as heroes,” they wrote on Twitter.

[Feature Photo: Santa Clara County Jail]