VIDEO: Hundreds of teens fight in massive beach brawl

A brawl involving 300 young adults and juveniles broke out on a Margate, New Jersey, beach during Memorial Day weekend.

Shore News Today reports that several fights occurred on Washington Avenue beach at around 2 p.m. Saturday. An officer assigned to the beach is said to have called for backup, allowing them to disperse the rambunctious crowd. The situation got so overwhelming that local officers sought assistance from two neighboring police departments, Margate Police Sgt. Joe Scullion said.

Sgt. Scullion said two officers were injured; one was hit in the head with a plastic bottle and another suffered a leg wound during an arrest. Three people were arrested in connection with the afternoon scuffle.

Margate Police Capt. Ken Bergeron told that they arrested about a dozen people under 20 for fighting, marijuana, or alcohol possession during Memorial Day weekend. He added that five of those arrested were juveniles.

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Capt. Bergeron pointed out that not one of the people arrested were from Margate.

Debauchery continued through the night, with large groups congregating at a nearby Wawa—dubbed “Club Wa” on social media. Night shift officers reportedly charged several beachgoers with disorderly conduct, drug-related offenses, and curfew violations.

“This is the second consecutive year that this has happened,” Commissioner of Public Safety John Amodeo told Shore News in a phone interview. “Last year, we didn’t think it was going to be a problem, but it has happened again this year.”

Margate Mayor Mike Becker echoed the Public Safety Commissioner’s sentiments, calling the situation “way out of hand.”

“We welcome all visitors, but we can’t tolerate this behavior,” Becker said.

“It was a mess. This is probably the third year we’ve had the same thing over Memorial Day weekend: total lack of respect for other people.”


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