COPS: Paramedic sex molests teen girl as she is having seizures

A Sacramento firefighter paramedic was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery Monday after being accused of fondling a 19-year-old woman’s breast while she was in an ambulance having seizures, reports The Sacremento Bee.

Jared David Evans, 32, turned himself in to the Sacramento Police Department when he learned there was a warrant for his arrest. He was booked into jail, then released on a $3,000 bond.

His arrest comes after an incident on April 1 when he responded to a call about a 19-year-old woman having seizures along with another paramedic and an intern.

It was the intern who reported seeing Evans make inappropriate comments about the woman who he believed to be unconscious. The intern claims that Evans then lifted the woman’s shirt and pulled her breast out of her bra while she was “completely unresponsive to pain and verbal commands, she was out.”

He later allegedly commented to the intern that he couldn’t help himself.

“Sorry man, I had to.”

The intern reported Evans on April 16, and an investigation began two days later. On April 24, the woman was interviewed by investigators and said that she was completely aware of everything going on around her, though she could not move, reports KCRA.

She said she heard someone comment that she had big breasts, then pull her breast out of her bra, exposing her. She couldn’t see who it was.

Evans denied the allegations. He was placed on administrative leave on April 21.

He has been with the Sacramento Fire Department for two years. The department made a statement to the public about the case, assuring the public of their cooperation.

“Although the case is ongoing, and all facts are not yet known, the Sacramento Fire Department wants to assure the public that we are fully cooperating with the investigation, and working to bring the matter to a successful conclusion.”

Evans is set to appear again in court September 26.

[Feature photo: Sacramento Fire Department]