Demi Moore blasts lawsuit by family of son who drowned in her luxury pool

Demi Moore has been named as a defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit by the family of a man who drowned in her swimming pool two years ago, and she’s pushing back.

In July 2015, Moore’s assistant and another person threw a party in her boss’s Los Angeles home when Moore wasn’t present. According to TMZ, 21-year-old Edenilson Steven Valle was among the small group of guests, invited by Moore’s assistant.

Valle reportedly told the group that he couldn’t swim, but when everyone left for a while to go out, he stayed behind. The group came back later in the night to find Valle dead at the bottom of the pool. He apparently tripped over something and fell in.

The family initially filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Tree House Trust, which owns the property, Moore’s assistant, and the party’s co-host.

The suit alleges that the party took place in dangerous condition, claiming the area was poorly lit, and party goers had to navigate a hazardous walkway littered with rocks. On top of this, alcohol was being served at the party, though it is believed to have been served in moderation.

Moore, who wasn’t present at the time of the party, was left out of the lawsuit until recently.

The family added Moore as a defendant, saying that the pool depth was not properly marked and contained no safety signs. They also claim that the 10-foot-deep pool was heated to 101 degrees, which they say compromises brain function.

Moore hit back at the lawsuit saying that not only did Valle knowingly assume the risks presented at the party, but he was also on her property illegally at the time of his death, which was a result of his own negligence, reports Daily Mail.

Moore is asking that the lawsuit be dismissed entirely.


Photo: Associated Press