WARNING: 4-year-old boy dies of ‘dry drowning’ a WEEK after he went swimming

The grieving parents of a Texas boy are warning parents about the little-known condition of “dry drowning,” which took their four-year-old son’s life before his parents even knew such a condition existed.

According to WNEP, little Frankie went swimming with his family on a trip to the Texas City Dike. His father, Francisco Delgado, Jr., told the news station that the boy was fine while swimming and when he first got out of the water.

But soon after, Frankie began to exhibit symptoms of a stomach illness, including vomiting and diarrhea. This went on for several days until suddenly the four-year-old boy stopped breathing and his father called 911.

“Out of nowhere, he just woke up. He said ahhh,” Delgado told KTRK. “He took his last breath and I didn’t know what to do no more.”

Nearly a week had passed since the swimming trip.

Doctors later determined that Frankie died of “dry drowning,” which is the condition of having fluid in your lungs as a result of inhaling water — and it can happen hours or days after the water is taken in.

Symptoms reportedly include vomiting, trouble breathing, coughing and fatigue.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched in support of the family.


Photo: GoFundMe