VIDEO: Prison inmates have their very own strip club and police can’t shut it down

Inmates at a federal jail in Chicago have been enjoying the services of live exotic dancers.

You read that right. But this exclusive strip club is not on prison grounds.

Metropolitan Correctional Center is right in the center of downtown Chicago, thus next to many tall buildings. The strippers perform on the roof of a building nearby, allowing inmates to easily ogle. Police can’t stop it because it is private property.

“We are aware of the situation and have notified the owner of the property,” a prison spokesperson told the Chicago Sun-Times, “but because it is private property, the Bureau of Prisons has no authority to remove people from the property.”

The performances don’t stop with stripping. Some nights feature full-on sex acts. In lieu of applause, prisoners flash the lights on and off. One federal source indicated that this has been going on for decades.

An executive for the company that owns the building has stated he knows nothing of the x-rated displays. Still, a security guard has recently been stationed on the roof.

Briana Fitzgibbons, who has witnessed the scandalous display on numerous occasions, noted that the strippers weren’t doing it for money. The strippers who performed were in relationships with the inmates.

“Most other people wouldn’t do this kind of thing for their boyfriend,” she said.

The Chicago Sun-Times has released a video of one of these performances, though it is difficult to see what is going on. The video also shows the inmates flicking their lights on and off, in approval.

[Feature Photo: Chicago Sun-Times/YouTube]