Woman jumps off bridge to commit suicide, survives and jumps AGAIN

The small Pennsylvania community of Peach Bottom Township is grieving today, after a young woman jumped to her death, from a bridge.

But it took two heartbreaking tries.

According to witnesses, 25-year-old Meagan Vogt’s first attempt at suicide failed. She survived a jump from the Norman Wood Bridge, to the rocky waters below. Vogt managed to climb back up the bridge. Then, she jumped again, ending her own life.

She told witnesses who saw her after her first jump that she was okay, according to Lancaster Online.

York County coroner Pam Gay has confirmed that Vogt jumped twice, noting that she walked further down the bridge for her second jump, reportedly to reach more dangerous terrain. The bridge stands 180 feet from the water at its highest point.

“Vogt proceeded to get back up to the catwalk, and then walked further out along the catwalk until she jumped, falling approximately 100 to 120 feet, and hitting some trees before landing on the rocks below the bridge pillars,” Gay said, in a news release obtained by Penn Live.

“Our thoughts are with the family. They’re hurting.”

The suicide victim’s family came upon the situation shortly after first responders arrived. They had been worried and had been out looking for her, when their worst fears were confirmed.

Police found a suicide note, tucked inside Vogt’s car, which was parked near the bridge. The contents of the note have not been released.

Coroner Gay has also stated that Vogt was not under the influence of any illicit substances at the time of her death.

[Feature Photo: YouTube/Screenshot.]