28-year-old man sets up ‘date’ to rape a little girl — with an undercover cop

Tennessee 28-year-old Michael Anthony Carpenter has been arrested, on the charge of using the internet to solicit child rape.

The arrest occurred when Carpenter tried to set up a “date” with a woman he met on the Internet. The woman would bring in her 9-year-old niece to his place of employment, to be sexually abused, and he would pay her $400.

But the woman Carpenter met online was an undercover police officer, a member of the Knoxville Police Department Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. The task force conducted a sting operation, in which the undercover officer set up a fake online identity, complete with a fabricated 9-year-old niece.

Carpenter took the bait, calling the officer and saying he was “looking for a child between the ages of 8 and 12 years old to fulfill a sexual fantasy.”

Homeland Security Investigations Agent Glen Blache has released some of the text messages sent from Carpenter to the undercover police officer, according to a transcript provided by Knoxville News Sentinel.

In these texts, he describes how important the act of raping a child is to him.

“I want to thank you for doing this for me, sweety,” he wrote. “I never thought in a million years I could live out my fantasy.”

Carpenter also described just where and how the rape would take place. He would conduct his abuse right in his office, at the fireworks store.

“I lock the door, and I have a private office.”

His original plans were thwarted when his boss came into the office, on the day of the planned meeting.

“I’m going to have to rent a room,” he wrote in a text. “The owner came into the fireworks store doing paperwork so I’m going to rent a room, and it will have more privacy.”

Carpenter, instead, set up a meeting with the woman and her “niece” at a gas station nearby, whereupon they would, he thought, travel to that rented room.

Instead, that’s when and where authorities sprung to action, arresting the young man.

Upon his arrest, Carpenter not only admitted to setting up the appointment to rape the 9-year-old girl, but also to disseminating child pornography to like-minded individuals online.

The 28-year-old seemed like he had it all: loving parents, a decent job at a fireworks store and a serious girlfriend. But he lost everything in pursuit of his dark “sexual fantasy.”

He is being held without bond.

[Feature Photo: Facebook/Michael Anthony Carpenter]